Advanced eCommerce

We build custom eCommerce websites for businesses that require unique features or payment flows.

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Why Custom?

There are already a lot of great off-the-shelf solutions for selling products and services online. We help brands that have either outgrown those platforms, or don't quite fit into the mold. We generally work with large online retailers or wholesalers who derive significant value from a custom website.

Custom eCommerce

Growth through effective software

Custom eCommerce sites area great for integration and workflow optimization. Bespoke automated procedures allow companies to increase their sales capacity without increasing their labor cost.

  • Inventory management systems
  • Inventory and shipping API integrations
  • Payment system integrations
  • Card-on-file and recurring payment mechanisms
  • Custom reward systems and marketing mechanisms
  • Special customer workflows to improve business automation
  • Donation and fundraising platforms
  • Microtransaction Systems
  • Hotel / Tour booking systems
Blank Media Printing

Blank Media Printing

Example Project

Blank media printing is a CD/DVD manufacturing company. They sell direct to consumers through their website. The company has unique bulk-pricing and fulfillment workflows that make the brand incompatible with off-the-shelf platforms. It also contains automated features that speed up production time and therefore improve their offer in the marketplace.

  • Advanced pricing logic
  • Extensive FedEx integration
  • Custom checkout flow and order form
  • Artwork preview system
  • Auto-resuming, web-based file uploader for collecting massive files from customers.
  • Dropbox API integration for automatic customer-to-office file transfers.
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Blue Ridge Hiking Co.

Blue Ridge Hiking Co.

Example Project

BRHC is a tour company specializing in guided day hikes. They also offer lodging, gear rental, shuttles, and personal in-store appointments. The website orchestrates all these services and allows then to be booked online. Real-time event scheduling and payment processing are combined to create a smooth checkout experience.

  • Custom checkout workflow
  • Real-time booking and availability
  • Tour guides can update their own availability on-site, and the system will automatically calculate available tour periods.
  • Email reminders for upcoming tours
  • Asset tracking
  • Business automation workflows
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