Asheville Airport

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Project Summary

We developed and maintain multiple custom web applications for the Asheville Regional Airport. 

Primary Website

Their main website is built on Drupal. It handles a lot of different responsibilities, including internal business management tasks. It's also the main control center for kiosk applications implemented throughout the terminal.

  • Fully web based and administered
  • Mobile friendly
  • Job application management and routing
  • Integrates with Kiosks and public wifi tracking.

Customer Information Kiosk

We built the interactive information display at the Asheville Regional Airport. It's a touch-based smart TV that Airport customers can use to view nearby transportation and hotel options.

  • Fully web based application (accessed through a browser only)
  • Managed through Drupal CMS
  • Real-time Weather and Forecasting

Feedback Kiosk

The Asheville Regional Airport has a few iPad installations scattered throughout the interior space. These allow customers to provide instant ratings and feedback on their flying experience.

  • Fully web based application (accessed through a browser only)
  • Managed through Drupal CMS
  • Interactive star-rating and feedback form
  • Tamper proofing logic

Wifi Portal

We developed a custom wifi sign-on system for The Asheville Regional Airport's marketing team. In exchange for a confirmed email address, visitors receive additional bandwidth and internet speed. This workflow is only possible due to custom API integrations with their networking software (Cisco Meraki). The system also tracks where users are in the Airport when they connect, and how often they visit.

  • Custom wifi captive portal
  • Fully Web Based Application
  • Email confirmations trigger an increase in network speed
  • Logging API captures when specific users connect/disconnect, and from which location in the Airport.
  • All collected data is fed into a Drupal content management system for easy reporting.


Touch-Based Info Kiosk

Touch-Based Info Kiosk

Advertiser content provided via the main Drupal website is populated on an interactive touch-screen display in the terminal.

Customer Feedback Kiosk

Customer Feedback Kiosk

Customer Feedback interfaces are displayed on mounted iPads throughout the terminal. User provided input is accessible in the Drupal website's backend.

Advanced Content Management & Layout

Advanced Content Management & Layout

Being on Drupal means the main website can take advantage of the framework's great content management features.

Innovative Meraki API Integration

Innovative Meraki API Integration

Faster public wifi in exchange for a confirmed email address is only possible from our custom API development. Wifi user data is then translated into detailed marketing reports.