Seasonal Photographs of Graveyard Fields and Waterfalls

Asheville is gorgeous all year.

We explore during all of our free time - we find it crucial to surviving life on computers. One of our favorite spots year-round is Graveyard Fields - originally named for the area's moss-covered tree trunks which looked like an overgrown graveyard. The trunks were destroyed by a fire in 1925. 

Here are some of our favorite shots of Graveyard Fields throughout the seasons:


Hot summer days are tempered by cool evenings, lush foliage, and refreshing streams.

Winter 2012

Even in winter, this sprawling area is lovely - golden and radiant, and also pocketed with snow.

This photo was actually on a trail near Black Balsam Knob, next to Graveyard Fields:


Springtime blossoms everywhere! Worth the allergies. 

FALL 2013

Red, orange, purple, yellow - a beautiful blaze. Still warm enough to hike without sleeves. 


It has been a  hot summer, but the waterfalls at Graveyard Fields are cold enough to jolt you out of the heat. Between sprinkles of rain we snagged this serene scene.